the_klv_kid (the_klv_kid) wrote in sheet_music,

Which is better?

I'm trying to handwrite music, and I'm currently debating whether to use pedaling lines or "Ped.      * " to mark sustain pedal.  I think I'll go with the Ped, because straight lines are a pain.  But what's your opinion?  Ped is more old fashioned, and I didn't know what it was the first few times I encountered it in my piano books, specifically my book of Chopin Nocturnes.  That has Peds everywhere, and I'd never seen them before.  So, which do you think is better: the annoying straight lines that everyone knows and is familiar with, or Ped, which is easier to write but less well known?  What do you think?


P.S.  I always used to think it said "Leo" and not "Ped", because it looks like this in reality,
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