Sneak (brianswoobie) wrote in sheet_music,

Transcribing Matisse "Boom Boom Ba"

Hey there, I've been scouring LJ looking for somewhere to ask this, and found this community. Please tell me if I'm not supposed to ask for this here and I'll go.

There is a song by Matisse called "Boom Boom Ba" that has piano parts in it that I think are really pretty, but even after nearly 10 years of playing piano I can't learn by ear for shite. As far as I know, there's no sheet music for it anywhere, (or at least, Google couldn't find it anyway, haha.)

So, does anyone here have any idea of where to find it, or (please!) would someone be willing to transcribe it? I can't really offer any money, but I'm still hoping for the best...
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