the_klv_kid (the_klv_kid) wrote in sheet_music,

Page 1 of Muse's "Space Dementia", manual transcription by me

Page 1 of MUSE's "Space Dementia", transcribed by me.

I just finished this today, after purchasing the right size paper.  I can't guarantee that my work is perfect, so for those of you who actually bought the music, feel free to complain in a comment, but don't bother correcting me.  Giving away my mistakes would ruin the game.  Here's the challenge: when I get done with a bunch of these Muse songs, I'll purchase their work on paper and compare the two to see how much I suck at listening.  That's the plan, and it sure sounds like fun to me.  Who knows how long it'll take, though.  Forever, probably (not really). 

Anyway, enjoy.  the dimensions of the original are probably 9 by 12-ish, so it should be relatively easy to read when printed. 

Page 2 will be up in... oh, I don't know.  Probably within the next month or week or whatever.  Anyway, I'm unreliable, so don't rely on me. 


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