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sheet_music's Journal

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Sheet Music
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This is a community for people to exchange sheet music. You can scan in something that you've written by hand, share some information about a music notation site, or even scan pictures of a music book, I don't care. Just give us some sheet music! Don't be afraid to ask either. Maybe we could help you.

As this is a community, we encourage comments. If you are working on a piece, go ahead and ask for some help. Post what you have figured out so far (like the chords, parts of the songs, or melody, ect.) and we'll try to help you along.

This community is very new, and so is very bare. It'll get better! I hope.

Some site of interest:
www.sheetmusicdirect.com (first page is free)
www.littlerowboat.net (radiohead sheet music)
http://www.pianomusic.2ya.com/ (sigur ros sheet music)

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